New Forest Aquaponics Working Ethos

I would like to introduce you to the New Forest Aquaponics working ethos. 

This document is the foundation of our journey and we would love it if you would like to come with us on this path of regenerative culture.

What does that mean?   

After spending time as a family healing and recovering from some quite traumatic events we are ready to take a huge leap and share what we have learned with others.

What is always at the heart of recovery?  Food! 

Good, healthy, local, nutrient dense fresh food. 

What do you need to access good food like that? 

A farm, and in this case an aquaponics farm, in fact a regenerative culture based farm. 

Er a what? I hear you say? 

Took me a while to work it out as well and I am living it! 

Everyone talks about sustainability  – but sustainability means to stay or keep the same – and I don’t want to keep the same! 

If we all just keep doing what we are doing our biosphere is going to continue to suffer, life for all – that’s anything that is made up of atoms within our biosphere in case you are wondering what’s included in the biosphere – will get worse. 

Is it just about the way our climate is changing? No, it is how we as a species are on a path of destruction of ourselves and taking everything with us. 

Can we change the world? No but we can help create a better way of living for all. 

Inclusive, thoughtful, kind, healthy,  – regenerative. 

To do that we need somewhere to act as a demonstration model of the hows.  

And that is what this series of posts are about.  

Sharing our working ethos, so you can understand the why, to inspire you to be part of that journey. 

These two pictures are the first two pages  of our working ethos – you can read the rest on our website ( the open source development of the website is part of bringing community to work together ) 

We also have a survey which we would love to get your opinions on how much support we will have for a democratic (one member one vote) share offer to be part of our regenerative farm community. 

Please do fill in the survey – it is really important we can show we have the support to get to the next stage. foloow the link or use the QR code

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