Who do we serve?

Who are the people?

Well you if you want!

What do you need from us? What do you want from us? What can you share with us?

Could you be part of our community? 

Although we have target groups we would like to invite to work with us, to create a community we need all sorts of people, from all backgrounds, of all ages and abilities. 

You will be welcome to be part of the journey if that’s what you want or need.

The world and all in it needs healing more than ever right now, we can’t heal everyone or everything, but we can create a place where healing can start. 

Of course the biosphere has to be the starting point, as without it we don’t have a home, but the work to heal our home will heal us as well. Getting your hands dirty in the soil, harvesting food you have grown, learning a new skill, and most importantly making friends, all helps heal. 

And what if you  don’t need help? Then you are also very, very welcome, come and bring your self, your skills and your time and help others and the biosphere. 

To do that we need somewhere to act as a demonstration model of the hows.  

And that is what this series of posts are about.  

Sharing our working ethos, so you can understand the why, to inspire you to be part of that journey. 

This picture is the eleventh  page of our working ethos, who?  – you can read the rest on our website ( the open source development of the website is part of bringing community to work together ) www.newforestaquaponics.com 

We also have a survey which we would love to get your opinions on how much support we will have for a democratic  (one member one vote) share offer to be part of our regenerative farm community. 

Please do fill in the survey – it is really important we can show we have the support to get to the next stage. follow the link or use the QR code


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